Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day 10: Sproutfest '09

All of the varieties have at least one sprout. San Marzano was the last one up. Of a total of 40 seeds, 26 have sprouted so far. Here's a shot of the current setup. I've got the fan on a card table and the seed tray sitting on a piece of plywood on top of the bucket setup. I finally hung a curtain on the window behind the subterranean plantation. And by "hung" I mean taped up. And by "curtain" I mean garbage bag. Don't look at me that way! It was a nice cheap solution and doesn't look too bad from the outside.

Below is a shot of the whole tray. Lots of activity. Soon, time to thin them, then before too much longer I'll be bucketing them. I still need to find something to put in the bottom for drainage. Rocks would be good, but it's surprisingly hard to get free rocks. Who would have thought. Maybe I can cough up a couple bucks for some rocks though. On the other hand, the idea of hauling ten buckets partially filled with rocks if we end up having to move is, well, unpleasant. Maybe some broken up styrofoam packaging (which we have in abundance). Maybe a few empty soda bottles.

What else is left to do? Definitely need something to train them on. But that's a ways off. Still thinking rope for that, would be easiest.

Boring measurements - tallest sprout of each type:
  1. 6.7 cm
  2. 4.4 cm
  3. 3.8 cm
  4. 3.5 cm
  5. 3.5 cm
  6. 2.9 cm
  7. 1.0 cm
  8. 5.7 cm
  9. 3.2 cm
  10. 6.4 cm

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