Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 15: Welcome to the Jungle

A search turned up a box full of styrofoam packing peanuts. There were only enough to fill the bottom of half of the pails. So I drilled two holes each in 5 of the pails and loaded them with styrofoam. Tomorrow I continue the search for more peanuts. I think there might be some in the attic. Might also be able to snag a bunch from work. I refuse to buy them. That's like buying dirt. Well, ok, bad example, heh.

Took another set of measurements and the sprouts have put on some nice growth in 6 days, a couple even doubling in size. here are the stats:
  1. 12.1 cm
  2. 7.3 cm
  3. 7.3 cm
  4. 5.7 cm
  5. 6.0 cm
  6. 5.4 cm
  7. 5.1 cm
  8. 8.9 cm
  9. 6.4 cm
  10. 11.4 cm

And finally a pic of the current crop - first yesterday, then today.

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