Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 32: Improvement? Growth? *whimper*

On the theory that meddling is always a good thing, I decided to move the lights up a bit more (7" to about 23" total from the main part of most of the tomatoes). Hey, if moving the lights away helps, moving them farther away helps more, right? Right? I need to feel like I'm making positive changes, looking at the poor yellowing plants is a little depressing. On that note, I'm pretty sure there is some new growth on 4 or five of them. See above - the smaller leaves in the middle are new growth (#7 on the left or above - depending on how you view it, #9 on the right or bottom). And the new growth is a bit darker. I'll take some comparison photos in a few days.

Overall, #5, #7 and #9 are doing the best so far. Let me repost the list of varieties...
  1. Mortgage Lifter
  2. Steak Sandwich Hybrid
  3. Burpee's Summer Choice
  4. Big Boy Hybrid
  5. Fourth of July Hybrid
  6. Early Girl Hybrid
  7. San Marzano
  8. Super Sweet 100 Hybrid
  9. Red Cherry, Large Fruited
  10. Super Beefsteak
Early girl, Mortgage Lifter and Super Beefsteak appear not to be doing too well. We'll see if they improve.

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