Friday, October 2, 2009

Day 47: New Developments

I noticed the first real sucker today. I left it be. I had just snipped off some of the lower leaves that were looking terrible, I didn't want to do too much pruning in one shot.

I also noticed the first bud! I may get some tomatoes after all. These developments were both on the Super Sweet 100 Hybrid. The plant itself was not looking too spectacular, but it has been growing, and the top foliage looks pretty good.

The healthiest looking plant of all is the Burpees Summer Choice. Although small, it's pretty bushy. I may be deluding myself, but I think the plants overall look a little better since I moved the shop lights up a bit.

The salad greens, arugula and green onions are all poking their heads up a bit. The left hand side seems to be slightly more developed than the right hand side, so I decided to focus the fertilizer on the right hand side. Here's the best picture I could manage of the teeny weeny greens. Kind of looks like a four-leaved clover.




Another height chart of the tomatoes.
  1.  40.6 cm
  2. 43.2 cm
  3. 22.2 cm
  4. 43.2 cm
  5. 57.2 cm
  6. 19.1 cm
  7. 36.2 cm
  8. 67.9 cm
  9. 54.6 cm
  10. 33.0 cm

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