Sunday, October 11, 2009

Day 56: Other Experiments

I always told myself not to plant radishes. I don't like radishes. The Mrs. doesn't like radishes. The boys don't like radishes. So today, I planted radishes.

And green onions. And one pepper plant. Not in the basement, in a, well, I guess it's a cold frame. I'd been thinking about a greenhouse lately. Not now, we're not at a point financially where building a greenhouse is a priority. I had in mind something small, to test out some of the ideas. So we built a small plastic covered structure that'll serve as a cold frame. Here's a picture.

So we planted radishes in it, on the theory that they only take 5 weeks to mature, so even if it doesn't work too well, it'll probably keep the frost at bay for 5 weeks. The pepper plant was the Mrs.' idea. They suffered from the same deer attacks that obliterated the tomatoes. So he's got a head start, maybe he'd have a chance to grow something before the cold gets to be too much. And green onions. They take two months, so they probably won't work out too well. But maybe. That'd be nice, we do like green onions.

The underground garden is puttering right along. There are a few buds on a few plants. None of the plants really look like they are thriving, but we may get some tomatoes yet. Everything has sprouted in the green gutter. They seem a little leggy, like they're not getting enough light. Maybe not surprising. We'll see how they do.

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