Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 84: Flower Power

The blossoms are coming on strong. We even have our first actual tomato, though it's the size of the head of a pin at the moment, so I won't crow too loud. To review, the remaining plants are:

  1. Mortgage Lifter - culled.
  2. Steak Sandwich - removed.
  3. Burpee's Summer Choice - Growing, looks good. But no buds yet. Rather short. Seed packet suggests 73 days until first fruit.It'll be two more weeks before we see anything from this guy, and I'd be pretty surprised even then if it fruited.
  4. Big Boy Hybrid - Looks great. Supposedly can get two lb fruits, though the ones we had in the garden last year never got that big. 78 days until fruit says the seed packet, but so far only two bud clusters. Still, I figure in maybe a couple weeks we could have some tomatoes from them.
  5. Fourth of July Hybrid - Doing fabulous, but well off schedule for its purported 49 day first fruit. Four nice blossom clusters.
  6. Early Girl Hybrid - Passed on.
  7. San Marzano - Possibly the least impressive tomato plant left. It seems at least a month behind the others. Supposedly 82 days until first fruit, not even close.
  8. Super Sweet 100 Hybrid - This one is doing great. Four nice blossom clusters, growing like a weed. About 127 cm tall. This one also has the distinction of being the first one to bear visible fruit. Tiny, but visible. 70 days until first fruit, we've blown past that mark, but still, it's doing amazingly well, so I won't quibble.
  9. Red cherry, Large fruited - Also doing fabulous. This one is the tallest of the plants, and also has 5 blossom clusters. It's 130 cm tall. 70-75 days until first fruit, again, we're well past that mark.
  10. Super Beefsteak - Super compot heap.

Blossom montage! Bonus points if you spotted the teensy tomato on the right hand side of the final picture.

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