Monday, November 16, 2009

Day 92: Calamity and Chaos

So we're getting sprayed for termites. Which unfortunately takes place in and around the underground garden. My assistant tried to be helpful and moved three of the plants out of the basement in advance of the pest guy coming. In the move #4 (Big Boy) got broken about half way down the stem. My staking was sufficient for stationary plants, but didn't hold up well to a move. I suspect that that plant is done for. Although the stem isn't broken off, there is a break. I guess we'll see if it comes back.

And it turned out the pest guy couldn't come today, so it's not happening until tomorrow. Spoke with the guy and he recommended covering the plants. So I put up a tarp around them. I'm hoping it will keep the bulk of the poison out. At any rate they claim the poison won't hurt the plants at all. We'll be sure to wash the tomatoes before using them.

Here's what the setup looks like now, heh.

So the bad news is I've probably lost one plant. But at least the rest are battened down for the termite spraying storm.

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