Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 115: Tomatoes apparently grow slow when they have insufficient light

The tomatoes overall look pretty good, although at this point they have reached their maximum height and are brushing up against the lights. I've done my best to lop off the tops, which was hard to do, since the had buds on them. I feel like I wasting tomatoes. Anyway, the Super Sweet 100 has brown on one set of leaves, but looks decent overall. Loads of tomatoes, I'll have to do a count soon. Some of the leaves are brown and crackly at the tips. I've been watering fairly frequently, on the assumption the good drainage won't let me overwater. Every other day or so. I've done some pretty hardcore pruning near the bottom of the plants and on any branches that don't look so hot. I've had a few branches snap recently, which doesn't seem to kill even that branch, but I do need to tie them up.

Anyway, here are some picture of the tomatoes, with a penny for comparison.

This branch is hanging down pretty precipitously. I'm predicting I will be kicking myself for not supporting it when it snaps off, probably soon. Super Sweet 100s.

More Siper Sweet 100s. These guys are growing incredibly slowly. But they look good, so I won't complain.

Red Cherry, Large Fruited. These guys seemed to start slower than the Super Sweet 100s, but they after bulking up faster.

Fourth of July Hybrid. The biggest tomatoes so far, but a far cry from their purported full-grown size of 4".

How long until I savor a tomato from my basement?

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  1. Are you sure it is a light issue not a temperature issue? Maybe turn up the heat? Deb