Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 196: Fin

Project complete! Overall I'd say it was fun, but not very productive. For the amount I spent, and the amount of time, and the electricity, I'd say it was nowhere near worth it. but lets take a look at the numbers. Today I picked 4 oz of green Fourth of July Hybrids (plus two Red Cherry, Large Fruited of inconsequential weight). Also Friday night I picked 3 Super Sweet 100s, I'd estimate less than 0.25 oz. So that makes the grand total....

  • Fourth of July Hybrid - 6.5 oz
  • Red Cherry, Large Fruited - 2.75 oz
  • Super Sweet 100s - 9.5 oz
  • For a grand total of 18.75 oz or 1 lb 2.75 oz.
I beat the pound mark, if only just barely. How about total counts...
  • Fourth of July Hybrid - 10
  • Red Cherry, Large Fruited - 9
  • Super Sweet 100s - 75
  • For a grand total of 94 fruit.
Missed the century mark. So that makes the tomatoes $12.05 per oz. Compare with supermarket prices (currently $3 a pound) - $0.19 an ounce. And that's not counting electricity. While my tomatoes were much cheaper than gold at $1117 an oz, they were uncomfortably close to silver which closed Friday at around $16.50 an ounce.

Here are some pictures of the final teardown.

The overgrown tomato thicket.

Up to the rafters!
Last red one, hiding.

Lots of green Fourth of July Hybrids.

Empty Super Sweet 100 branch.
Rootball Montage! Clockwise from top left - Burpee's Summer Choice, Big Boy Hybrid, Fourth of July Hybrid, San Marzano, Super Sweet 100 Hybrid, Red Cherry Large Fruited.
Headed to the compost heap!
Wow, looks bare in this corner now.
Last harvest.
94 tomatoes and one bouquet.

I'm glad I tried it, and the best result that came out of it was that we have a fantastic seed starter setup for this year's outdoor garden. And those pesky deer that sent me underground? Lets see how they like an 8 foot fence with an overhang. I figure it'll either keep them out or will be a good source of venison if they break their necks trying to get in. Watch this space for more on the outdoor fenced in garden coming about mid March.

In the meantime, I'm going to try a new project later today for the next couple weeks that I'm going to document here. Not exactly garden related, but should be interesting.

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