Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Genesis Project

What a weekend. Helped a chum pull out an old patio and scored a bunch of 6" x 6" pressure treated beams on Saturday. They should be great, unless they leach arsenic into the soil and the tomatoes kill us all. Then Sunday Jill and I laid out the outline of the fenced garden and put the beams in place. These things are crazy heavy - Jill couldn't even lift them. We still need to cut a couple of them in half with the skill saw. Here's what it looks like.

Beams, hop pole in the background.

Beams laid out.

Plot number 1.

I manually turned over the soil. Dug down a foot to a foot and a half and buried the grass. My assistant slowed progress by performing an anthropological study of what we found down there. Was actually some interesting stuff - a rusty trowel of indeterminate age, glass and charcoal fragments, an old bottle - intact! Interesting. The bed looks pretty good, although there are a ton of roots in there. Next we have to add some compost.

Still no fence. Perhaps next weekend.

Garlic is looking great. Problem with the peas - some of them ended up sitting on the surface of the dirt. Weird. I covered them back over a bit, then poured a pail full of potting soil over them - just a thin layer. one of the ones on the surface had sprouted slightly. Good progress. Some of the peppers Jill planted indoors have sprouted as well.

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