Thursday, March 11, 2010

Loafing Around the House

Just a quick note, whipped up a batch of the no knead bread in the mixer. Short photo review.

Buttered the bowl, placed in the warmer with a bowl of water

20 minutes later

20 minutes after that

Split into two halves, loaded one into the preheated baking pan, made a ball of the other. Did add the water to a preheated pan as well.

About 15 min into the 30 min bake. Oh yeah, looking good.

The loaf
Interior of the ball

The ball fresh from the oven...
...and thirty minutes later.

The one thing I neglected was slashing the top of the loaves. I always seem to leave out at least one step or get it wrong somehow. Still, aside from the loaf that was insufficiently cooked none of it has gone to waste.

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