Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Today - Rolls

Brought home cheeseburger patties from work and decided to make rolls suitable for them. The dough was sticky, but less so that yesterday. I made vaguely roll shaped blobs of dough and set them out to rise. They didn't rise so much as expand outward. I don't have a suitable stand in for a pizza peel, and the rolls stuck to the glass cutting board. A lot. Which is too bad, because I did a fabulous job of slitting the top in an amazingly intricate pattern. Well, ok, it was an empty tic-tac-toe board pattern. Yesterday with the room temperature dough it did not cut well. I did manage to do the water properly though.

The shape was better than yesterday, but not perfect. In fact, they expanded too much to be proper rolls. But the crust was very good and crunchy. And when I took them out of the oven, there was a distinct crackling that's supposedly an indication that I'm doing it right. The interior was nice and chewy as well. And if I held my mouth just right, I felt like I could taste just a hint of sourdough flavor. I double checked with Jill and she detected no such trace. Wishful thinking I guess.

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