Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fencing and Sowing

The fence is DONE!

It was a long slog but it's finished. I just hope it keep those genetically enhanced deer out.

Monday was rainy, so no progress, but today was sunny, although cool. So carrots, onions, and barley went in. Carrots and onions were planted in small holes in some landscaping fabric. Hope that works out ok. I'm not sure if the seeds will find their way up through the fabric, I'm hoping they will. If not we can always make the holes bigger or lift up the fabric. For the barley I just spread 3 oz of seed as evenly as I could over the 3' x 8' chunk of the bed devoted to it. Then I tossed a little peat moss on top and watered all of them.

Over the weekend got a major score at a yardsale - a bunch of tomato towers, those plastic things you fill with water to keep tomatoes happy in cold water. Going to set some tomatoes outside later this week. Over two weeks early! Just feels wrong. Also picked up a potato grower thingie, basically black plastic sheet with some holes in it. Will give that a shot as soon.

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