Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First harvest

The first harvest is complete. "What? So early?" you say aghast. Indeed! But this bounty has sprung not from raised beds, but from the lawn. Yes, in a few minutes I managed to gather a huge bowl of dandelion greens and a small bowl of wild garlic.

The dandelion greens were easy to identify - they've got big yellow flowers - you may have seen them :)

The wild garlic was pretty easy to identify as well. When cut there was the overpowering aroma of garlic. I searched online to ensure I wasn't eating hemlock or something, and sure enough, they would seem to be wild garlic. They loomked a lot like chives. Wild onion is apparently similar, but while wild garlic has rounded stems, wild onion stems are flattened.

In my surfing, I also noticed that violets are edible. We've got lots of them. They don't know it yet.... but I'm coming for them MU-hahahahaha.

Anyway, every site I visited said to be super careful what you eat off your lawn. I'd add don't eat it if you have your lawn sprayed with weedkiller! So. Then. BE CAREFUL WHEN CONSIDERING EATING YOUR YARD.

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