Saturday, May 1, 2010

Found Potatoes

Thursday scored two nice finds. First was the old compost heap from previous residents that was back in the woods a bit. Thanks to a hot tip from the neighbor who knew the people who made it. It was black gold, I tell ya! About a foot deep and maybe 10' across. Already made a dent in it, putting two wheelbarrow loads of compost into the garden from it.

The other find was a number of sprouted potatoes in the compost container we keep near the back door. We salvaged 4 of them, each about a foot high. One of them even had a teensy cute little potato on it already, hehe.

Two ratty looking ones - they've greened up significantly in just two days.
The pretty one. Flagship of the potato fleet.
Baby potato!

Today is patio walkway building day. Gonna put in our salvaged brick paver walkway around the raised beds. Or some of it at least. Big project, HOT day. I don't want to get all melty.

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