Sunday, May 9, 2010

Gone and Back Again

Left for the weekend, come back to the poor tomatoes bone dry and parched. Worse still, the temp is slated to get down to the upper 30s tonight, hope there's no frost. Put some buckets over them to keep them snug, hope it works. A few of them still exposed, only had so many buckets.

Super Beefsteak
The barley is thriving.

Onions starting to poke up.

The Sugar Snap Sprint peas have flowers, although they're shorter than the normal Sugar Snap peas.

Potatoes looking good as well.

We scored some blue potatoes from a natural foods store on the way to visit the in-laws. These are going in the ground shortly.
The boy brought home some pumpkins he sprouted in school, they're doing great.

And cucumbers are peeking up as well.

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