Monday, May 3, 2010

Tomatoes in the Ground

Tomatoes? In the ground? Before the last frost date? Madness, surely! Nonetheless, did plant 10 tomato seedlings that have been growing in the basement. My calculation in the matter was that if they all died, we still have 5x more seedlings than we need. Planted 4 of them in wall-of-water plastic bags. This is supposed to protect them down to 16 F, and the worst low in the forecast is only upper 30s. If they don't freeze, we've definitely got a good jump on the season.

The types planted so far - Steak Sandwich Hybrid, Early Girl, Cherokee Purple, Mortgage Lifter, Big Boy. About 10 plants, that covers half the bed. As recommended, crushed some eggshells in the bottom of the holes - supposedly helps fend off blossom end rot.

The remaining seedlings in the basement. It's a lot!

Mostly tomatoes, some peppers, and two pumpkins planted by Dunc.

Also some big news - the barley is up. And about an inch tall already.
I can almost taste the homemade beer.

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