Friday, June 11, 2010

Peas tapering off

The peas are tapering off. We picked 11 oz today and popped them in the freezer. The Sugar Snap Sprint peas look like they may have a few more flowers on them, the regular Sugar Snap are flowerless.

I should do a tomato count. I'm thinking at least 20 at the moment, and lots more on the way. [ed. - census of all 31 plants revealed 61 tomatoes, 124 flowers total on the regular varieties, 15 tomatoes, 27 flowers on the cherry varieties. Counted even pea-sized tomatoes and any flower where I could see yellow. Overwhelming leader was one fourth of july hybrid with 15 tomatoes and 18 flowers. This is a lower limit, I didn't move foliage to search - MC]

Peppers are starting to flower.

Cukes are looking good, seeing a few sub-inch cukes already.

Beans are up and growing like weeds. Corn is growing well, winter squash us up (Hubbard). A bunch of zucchini is on the grow - some planted a while back indoors, some seeded directly not long ago. The big corn patch is now covered with corn plants an inch or two high. Planted half of it at 6 inch spacing, half at 1 foot spacing. We may have a lot of corn. The upside down tomatoes are looking decent, but the rightside up ones are looking better.

Finally the barley is looking awful, but we've got some seed showing.

Update - Dug up a nice strip of earth just outside the north side of the fence and planted 11 Northern Pickling Cucumbers. Be nice if the deer leave them alone.

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