Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pepper Action

First pepper looking good. Didn't know what kind it was when it first poked out, but process of elimination suggests it's neither a jalapeno nor a bell pepper. So this is our first Hungarian Hot Wax Pepper. This is four days of growth. Not sure exactly when to pick, will have to do a little research.

We've had two cukes so far, and another few coming along. Had a few peas from the late pea planting as well. No tomatoes yet. Maybe I'm imagining it, but it seems like some of the tomatoes are turning slightly yellower...

Made a pilgrimmage to a friend's garden. I've had the opportunity to see his backyard go from lawn to tomatoes, very nice job. He's done raised beds with 2x6's (2x8s??) and it looks really nice. I like his tomato support solution - some 2x4s driven into the ground and twine hanging down in a V shape. He wraps the twine around the plants and they seem very happy. It also has the benefit of not looking awful like my support system does. I think next year I will build something out of pvc and paint it dark green so it's not quite so hideous. The other benefit being it'll last a long while. My two year old raised beds are swarming with termites, so wood (non-pressure treated) doesn't really seem to be an option. Anyway, this friend's zucchini is twice the size of ours, and he's got zucchini already. I'm so jealous! Next year I'm going to start the zucchini earlier. I don't know how far behind we are, but he did say the growth in the last week was explosive. I guess ours has been growing pretty well too, so maybe zucchini is not too far off for us. His tomatoes looked miserable when he first planted them. I though he was going to lose most of them. But they've all come back big time. In fact, they seem maybe just a little behind ours, which had a great start. 

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