Sunday, July 11, 2010

First real harvest

The first real harvest is in! I bought a few baskets at a yard sale and made use of one today. This was a total of 5 lbs of veg.

Our first decent-sized tomato haul, we brought in these beauties:

The Early Girl was maybe a little under-ripe. The Super Sweet 100s lived up to their name. Teeny though. The Mrs' favorite. The rest were all good, but the Super Beefsteak was delicious.

We've got 10 varieties growing now, we're probably going to drop most of those. So far Early Girl has been a bit disappointing - It was not earlier than 4th of July - more than a week and a half later, in fact. I'll try a riper one before officially giving it the axe.

EDIT - Fried up the first zucchini rounds of the season. Half of them with grated Parmesan, half with garlic from our garden. Good stuff. Decided yesterday to try and go through the day only eating locally grown food - preferrably from our garden. Have done well so far, although had to make allowances for parmesan and oil and vinegar.

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