Monday, July 5, 2010

Hardneck Garlic Harvest is in

We dug up our hardneck garlic. Some bulbs were small, but a decent harvest all in all.

Our first zucchini stopped growing and started shrivelling! I think it might be due in part to our crazy high temperatures and in part to the black landscaping fabric it's been sitting on.  I spread a little handful of grass clippings, hopefully that will cool it off a bit.

We've had a pretty steady stream of cukes, first from the slicemaster and now the Norhtern Pickling Cukes have started flowing. We couldn't hold off on the refrigerator pickles and we ate a bunch of them already. I think they'll be better after a week or so, but they're pretty good now. Not sure they'll last long.

A few tomatoes, four or five Fourth of July (2 - 2.5 oz) and one Steak Sandwich (5 oz).

One of Duncan's pumpkins is growing. Just an inch across at the moment. We'll see if it's jack-o-lantern sized by Halloween.

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