Friday, May 10, 2013

Taking Stock

Some of my starts are off and running. Others... not so much. Decided to take stock and see where I stand. It's pouring right now, so I can't speak to the plants in the fenced in garden, but in the basement I have:

  • 4 Sungold Cherry Tomatoes - These are looking happy. They survived the cat incursion.
  • 0 Black Cherry tomatoes - They did not survive the cat incursion. These are kind of a must have, will need to get some going if I can.
  • 0 Red Cherry, Large Fruited tomatoes - These were either laid waste to by the cat or never came up. No one will ever know which.
  • 3 pumpkin - The boy's pumpkins came up, he is pleased.
  • 3 Bush green beans - Got a number of beans popping up outside as well from seed I saved.  
  • 19 Jalapeno peppers - I think they all came up. I shall have many glorious buckets of jalapenos in the back yard.
  • 9 Serrano peppers - These did great too. Not all sprouted, but a good number. I guess these will serve as my "hot" peppers this year. Hot enough for me anyway.
  • 0 Anaheim peppers - That is a tragedy. 
  • 0 Mortgage Lifter tomatoes - Only had a couple seeds, no sign of them.
  • 10 Amish Paste tomatoes - Yay! Going to plant several of these.
  • 2 Brandywine tomatoes - I got two coming up out of the same hole. I might try to separate these and grow both. Delicate surgery, that!
  • 5 Super Beefsteak tomatoes - Maybe plant a couple and give a couple away or something. Or possibly find space for them somewhere.
  • 4 Cherokee Purple tomatoes - These are too danged tasty not to make room for all of them.
  • 4 Tigerella tomatoes - I was real pleased with these... was it two years ago?
  • 5 Roma tomatoes - Ok Roma, we had our little falling out. We both said things we regret. I said you don't produce enough, and your fruits are small. You said I gave you poor growing conditions then let the weeds get established. This year let's bury the hatchet and make a real go of it you and I. I'll give you a spot with plenty of sun and you show me what you can do, deal? PS, this may be your last chance Roma. Amish Paste is just too awesome to put up with inferior paste tomatoes. 
  • 0 San Marzano tomatoes - So much for the three way paste tomato challenge.
  • 3 Black Krim - These are a nice enough tomato. If I'd never had the sublime pleasure of a Cherokee Purple I might even be pretty excited about them.
  • 4 Fourth of July tomatoes - Got the seedlings going late so they probably won't live up to their name.
  • 0 Steak Sandwich tomatoes - Too bad, the picture on the seed envelope looked really nice. Old seeds though.
  • 0 Hungarian Wax peppers - Hmmm, this is a problem, I need these for pickled peppers.
Some pictures.As I said, the jalapenos went bonkers.

Jalapeno pepper seedlings
The two Branywines that came up came out of the same hole. Doh!
Brandywine tomatoes
More tomato seedlings.

Super Beefsteak tomatoes
Roma tomatoes in the foreground, Black Krim center, 4th of July back.
Things are looking good at the community garden. The asparagus I got as a gift is pretty happy. Well, one of the crowns, the other two have been eerily quiet. The garlic seems relatively happy. also have 5 zucchini mounds that are looking pretty good as long as we don't get a frost. And a leftover from the last tenant, either a potato or a tomato. I'll grow it out and see what comes up.
My new 10' x 25' plot at the community garden
Next report - how are the buckets doing? The buckets in the backyard inside the fence with the seeds planted in them, not the buckets with  unwholesome looking rusty colored water in the last picture. The ones in the last picture are just to hold water for plants. And the water may look a little iffy, but it's fine, even potable, though probably don't taste too yummy.

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