Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sungold wins the tomato race

Cucumbers are starting to come in. Not quite enough to make a batch of pickles yet. think I'll make a batch of cucumber-zucchini relish with the few cukes and the loads of zucchini I have so far. Will have to remember to post it, I fear last year's (delicious) recipe is lost to the ages.

About 10 Sungold so far with high hopes of many more to come.
Sungold = yum
 Yellow pear already showing a TON of green ones, so hopefully I'll have loads of those.
Yellow Pear. Currently Green Pear.
 Gooseberries are gone. Enjoyed them, few though there were. Although seem to be more each year. Maybe next year enough for some jam. Elderberries look great. In fact they're kind of blocking off the entrance to my fenced in garden, so I may have to prune/trellis/tie them up.

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