Saturday, November 12, 2016

2016 Season

Well, I was pretty neglectful of this blog in 2016. However, I did do some gardening. Mostly at the Friends community garden. First I planted peas, which did not even come up. Not sure what went wrong there. I haven't had much success with peas the past few years.

One successful experiment this year was greens. I grew kale, collards, turnip greens, and chard.

I grew 15 tomato plants, including Cherokee Purple and San Marzano. Harvest was 110 lbs over the season. To my great shame I did not start from seed, I bought plants at a local nursery. Next year!

Eggplant was a huge disappointment, I guess I got a not-so-great variety. Never really seemed to ripen fully and tasted miserable.

Zucchini was great as usual. I discovered a great new use for it as well, shredded in my microwaved scrambled eggs in the morning at work. Wow, it's great. Shredded and froze a lot of it for use over the winter. Garlic also did nicely, though the bulbs were not huge.

No cukes at all. Next year! And almost no peppers. Here's my full output this year in one photo, sadly.

The final analysis? I'll do better next year! Also really need to use some kind of landscape fabric at the garden so I don't have to weed so much. For next year: zucchini, garlic, peas, cukes, tomatoes, beans, basil, peppers.

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