Monday, May 23, 2011

Planting mostly done

We've already gotten some produce from the garden. I've enjoyed some chive flowers and the first strawberry just ripened.
First Strawberry!
The first set of garlic we planted should be ready in early June, hopefully the other two sets should be ready shortly thereafter.
Should be ready in a couple weeks.
We planted these two plots later.
We got some onions from a fellow gardener that raised them from seed. They're looking nice.
Eggplant just went in this weekend. We're going to prepare a bed out behind the fenced in garden but that bed is not ready yet.
Pingtung Long Eggplant
Sugar Snap Peas are looking good. And in front of the peas is half a row of lettuce and the other half spinach.
Peas, lettuce and spinach.
Pea flower
Tomatoes are in, some have a good start, others are just barely sprouted.

Tigerella Tomato
I caged all the tomatoes this year. Last year I didn't because I was concerned that the cages weren't large enough. But the tomatoes went all over the place. I think the cages will help this.

The hops that barely limped through last year has put up a mighty vine this year. The top of the post is 8' above ground level. Also note the tenant in the whimsical bovine birdhouse in the photo.

Mighty Hops!
The flagship jalapeno looks unimpressive right now.

Finally we visited a local place that sells gooseberries - Yellow Springs Farm - and got some gooseberries and elderberries.

Doesn't count as growing our own gooseberries if they came this way from the farm
Happy Elderberry plant.
And end it out with the current state of the black raspberries.