Thursday, May 8, 2014

Cheating the Last Frost Date

So I was pleasantly surprised when I went out to investigate the back of the fenced in garden. By the end of last year it was overgrown with weeds, mostly grass. I assumed it was going to be a real chore to weed it. But it all raked right up. It was crazy. I think the dead grass choked out the weeds this year. Nice break.

A few years ago I tried the three sisters in that spot and varmints got the corn, the beans failed to thrive and I got a smattering of squash. This year I'm trying cukes, zukes, and winter squash here. The fenced in garden is a little too shady for tomatoes to really be happy, but cucumbers did well in that area. As always I'm none too hopeful about the zucchini, but maybe I'll get a few before bugmaggedon.
Cucumber patch
 The seedlings in the basement are doing fairly well. There seem to be two batches - some have sprung up vigorously and are 4-6" tall and some at just sprouting, about an inch. The vigorous ones are:

  • Yellow Pear Tomato
  • Sungold
  • Amish Paste

Yellow Pear and Amish Paste