Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gardeners in Motion...

Ok, so I was out of town. Back now.

Yesterday I did a garden tour and lo and behold, the tomatoes in the back had come back with a vengeance. I still figured they wouldn't amount to too much actual produce, but I thought maybe get a little out of them.

Then this morning before work I went out to do a garden tour and my arch nemeses had had themselves a little feast. They were more restrained than they had been in the past, so I guess I should be glad. But still, doubt there'll be much.

Kind of a neat overgrown gazebo at the Rutherford B Hayes presidential museum on the way to Chicago. Facts I know about Rutherford B Hayes: he beat out Samuel Tilden in his presidential race in a squeaker and he promised to end Reconstruction. Either of these facts may be incorrect. I may never know, because it costs $6 to go inside the museum. What could Rutherford B Hayes possibly have waiting in that museum to delight me that could be worth $6?

Countdown to tomato planting: 33 days.

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