Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 147: More tomatoes, yum.

Five more tomatoes consumed. It's getting a little chilly downstairs, was 58 F. I don't think that's doing them any good. There are only a couple new flowers on 1 one of the plants at this point. The Super Sweet 100 is really doing pretty well, far better than the rest.

You can see one of them even split, I've been neglecting them a bit. I didn't detract from the taste any, boy it was yummy. The Mrs. enjoyed them as well. Definitely Super Sweet 100 is going in the outdoor garden in the spring. Total harvest this time, 1 oz, bringing the grand total to 1.5 oz.

The Fourth of July Hybrid is working pretty hard to give us a few tomatoes as well. Not quite ready for the table, but looking redder.

In related news, the tomatoes definitely seem to be winding down. While plans for the spring outdoor gardening seem to be picking up speed. I think once the tomatoes are done (maybe a month from now? Maybe two?) I'll start up a log about what's going on in the outdoor garden. The initial intent of the downstairs garden was to keep the deer away, and so far it has been successful. I have seen some hoofprints on the basement windows, but they've been no bolder than that. In the spring, we'll be using a fence to keep these hellspawned creatures of evil at bay. So anyway, I think I'll continue writing about various gardening exploits here and keeping track of produce production and so on. Probably about Mar 15 the downstairs will transition to seedling starter area full time.

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