Wednesday, August 17, 2011


One of our pumpkin experiments is doing quite well. We got a large green and white striped pumpkin (Cushaw suggests google images...) at a local farm for pie last Halloween and it was very good. We saved some seeds and now we have some monster plants growing out back. Here's one photo from a few days ago vs today. This one is now the size of a baseball, and the biggest one we have found is the size of a softball.

Cushaw (??) Pumpkins
Tasted the first Black Krim tomato (1/2 a pound), it was very tasty but it's no Cherokee Purple, so it's out next year. Only room for one black tomato in the garden.

Black Krim
The peppers are all over the place, some may be crossbreeds. A few look like jalapenos though. I'll have to put together a gallery of what we have so far soon. One Bell pepper plant has 5 Bell peppers on it each currently the size of a hackey sack. If last year's crop is any indication, they may not get much bigger.

EDIT - Tomato looked darker in real life. Terrible cracks on the top.

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