Saturday, August 1, 2009

Back at Home Briefly

Gone for over a week and big changes in the aboveground garden. The tomatoes on the side and in the front are blossoming pretty well. Loads of green Roma and cherry tomatoes. But all green. Nothing is even turning yellow very much. I suppose it's the weather. Seriously, there was a huge better boy tomato that looked like it was on the verge of turning red over a week ago and still green. I guess I can control that better in the basement tomato lab. Once I figure out how to make it happen, heh. Learn by doing I guess.

The zucchini absolutely thrived in our absence. Like out of control. I picked everything before we left and we've got three jumbos and a few we left on the plants to get a little bigger. And the plants themselves are exploding with leaves. Dinner plate-sized leaves. Zucchinis are far and away the greatest success story of our gardening these past two years. Which is great, because I really love zucchini.

On the other hand, I suppose there's a yin and a yang to everything, and our current yang (yang is the bad one?) is cucumbers. The zucchini have completely overgrown my poor cucumbers and they've totally withered. I imagine if I'd been here I could have cut back the zucchini, and maybe the prize cucumber vine is still salvageable. You can see the thriving zucchini and the browned crackling cucumber in the background. Some of the leaves near the ground are still greenish though. It's a lesson for next year - give the zucchini plenty of room. I think I'll plant it in it's own little raised beds next year.

The yellow squash are coming along but very slowly. This one is about the size of a AA battery. I had hoped they would thrive as well as the zucchini, but they seem to grow much more slowly. This cluster of yellow squash flowers has me hopeful that there'll be a substantial future harvest though.

Another bit of excitement - the eggplant is finally blossoming. It's out in the far raised bed, so I'm a little surprised the deer haven't power-chowed on it, but they haven't even nibbled. Here's a flower that will soon be a plump foot-long shiny black eggplant if Freyr is kind.
Sorry no update as to the basement garden, but we're still in waiting mode until the last of the summer trips are complete. I'm sure once it gets going there'll be more updates than even the most rabid tomato grower would ever hope for.

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