Sunday, October 4, 2009

Day 49: Looking kind of limp

Still looking pretty ugly down there. I'm still not sure quite what went wrong. Not everything is going south yet, but it's not looking too great. Although there are a few hopeful signs -  I think I may start over shortly and try some different things.

Some thoughts:

  • The plants on the ends did the worst. Maybe try two rows of four instead of five.
  • I'm not sure how much of a difference the potting mixture made. Maybe try four with the mix, four with compost. The outside tomatoes LOVED compost.
  • Should make an effort to get the Plant and Aqurium bulbs, those are the ideal bulbs for plants.
  • Need to be more careful about fertilizing. I felt like I did a reasonable job, but could it be that I'm fertilizing too much? Need to keep track of how much and try fertilizing some more and some less - see what impact that has on growth.
  • Need to try just one type of seed - can't say much about fertilizer levels or compost vs potting soil concoction if I have 8 different types of plants. The Super Sweet 100 Hybrid seems to have done pretty well, maybe try just that kind.
  • Maybe it's time to try a different kind of plant. I'm considering Sugar Snap Peas. Another benefit of sugar snap peas is the fix their own nitrogen from the air, so not only would that eliminate "insufficient nitrogen" as a concern, it would also provide nitrogen in the soil for the next crop I planted.
In other news, the arugula is all up, none of the green onions have sprouted yet, and most of the salad greens are up. The spiky seeds came up a reddish color, they must be the Beet Bull's Blood.

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