Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 60: Still Hanging On

So the plants are doing ok. A bit better than they were a week or two ago I'd say. #5, 8, and 9 are all over 75 cm tall (29.5 inches, almost 2 and a half feet). The tallest is just shy of a meter. And the foliage at the top of the plants looks great - see below. 

But the lower leaves are looking pretty crummy. Maybe that's not the end of the world. Plants #8 and 9 both have buds forming on them.

Height chart:
  1. 25.4 cm
  2. 34.3 cm
  3. 35.6 cm
  4. 61.0 cm
  5. 78.7 cm
  6. 22.2 cm
  7. 45.7 cm
  8. 91.4 cm
  9. 88.9 cm
  10. 35.6 cm
Actually not too bad. The measurement for #1 and 2 is deceptive, they haven't shrunk, they just need to be staked, they're lolling over toward the middle a bit. Even the near-dead ones have greened up a bit and put on a little height. The rest are putting on some real height, like in the neeighborhood of 50% growth in just two weeks. I suppose they're straining toward the light, which is probably insufficient.

Here's the picture of the whole setup. I had to move the lights up a bit this evening as #8 was almost touching them.


  1. So Matt, I'm curious -- do you have any kind of objective measurement of how much light reaches the plants? Like from a light meter? I wonder how it compares to the outdoors. -Anne W.

  2. I don't. Even if I did, the spectrum of my jumble of bulbs is different enough from the solar spectrum that I couldn't really say with too much confidence that I was good or not. I suspect it's quite substantially lower light than the sun, but it's on 18 hours a day to try to make up the difference.

    When I got a little extra pocket money I might go nutty and get a high-intensity discharge lamp and see what that does for me. That's a ways off :)