Sunday, March 14, 2010

Let the Gardening...BEGIN

The first steps toward this year's garden have been taken. We weeded and dug up a bed in the backyard side garden and planted Sugar Snap Peas in the NE half and Sugar Sprint Peas in the SW half. According to the package, we'll have peas in 2 months from both. We planted them 2 inches apart in rows roughly 4 inches apart.

We also weeded, raked, and planted the NE half of the side garden with leeks. Those will take a bit over 3 months to get to harvest. The SW half is still planted with garlic from last fall's planting. They're just starting to poke through the straw now.

The beds are looking pretty good, didn't take too long. The weather was very cloudy and there was a fine mist that hampered our efforts a bit. We actually moved a lot of the stones around in the backyard side garden to accomodate our peas. Then we mixed in a bit of peat moss and some ashes with the soil. Just peat mosss with the leeks.

The backyard side garden...

The side garden...

Those two plants at the end are cabbages from last year. They never did head up. Don't have the heart to pull them out.

Finally, some crocuses came up in the rock garden. Spring must really be here.

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