Sunday, September 20, 2009

Day 35: Comparisons


Ok, so we're definitely seeing some new growth. I think the changes have worked out well. It may be too late for a few of the plants (#1, #6, and #10 look pretty bad). Above we see overhead views of #5 and #7 on the 17th and the 20th. Definitely bushier, the new growth in each got substantially bigger. Click on the photo above to get the full sized picture with a bit more detail.

And we're definitely seeing the plants put on some more height (see list below). I think I really need to get some support structure in for the plants, they're getting pretty tall. And the other day I watered one of them that's doing very well and it started to list to one side. I'm thinking by watering exclusively around the main stem I'm growing lazy plants. I think when I fertilize today I'll pour it in a circle 3 or four inches from the main stem. Make them work for it! Even so, the growing medium is very loose, so even with a massive root structure they'll undoubtedly need some support.

Ok, so support. I was thinking about hanging a rope from the ceiling over each bucket, off to the side a little, maybe knotted every foot or so, so I could add loops of cloth at will to support the plants. Although I'd really like to give them more structure and keep them in place a bit more. Wire cage could work, but I'd worry it'd make the plants too hot. Maybe a wooden cage. Have to hit Home Depot today and see what I can get in terms of cheap wood. It doesn't have to be pretty, but it should definitely be cheap. Maybe I should take a quick look at our brush pile and see what we have for branches. Although I don't want to introduce bugs, that'd be a no-no!

Sizes today:

  1. 29.2 cm - looks pretty bad
  2. 32.4 cm
  3. 21.0 cm
  4. 26.7 cm
  5. 38.1 cm
  6. 16.5 cm - trimmed dead branch, looks bad
  7. 27.9 cm
  8. 36.8 cm
  9. 41.9 cm - trimmed dead branch
  10. 26.7 cm - trimmed dead branch, looks pretty bad

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