Friday, September 25, 2009

Day 40: Diversification

This weekend I'm going to do a little work. First I'll raise the lights a bit and then see if I can find my timer switches. I'm going to try switching the lights off for 6 hours a night. Then going to hit the hardware store and get three warm white tubes.

Thinking about trying some other plants. Going to give lettuce a try first, by all accounts it seems to be the easiest to grow, and grows pretty quickly. May also try carrots, peas and parsnips. The lettuce first. Saw a nice idea for growing salad greens in a piece of gutter. I suspect 4' of gutter could keep us pretty well supplied with greens.

Today's sizes:
  1. 39.4 cm
  2. 39.4 cm
  3. 21.6 cm
  4. 33.0 cm
  5. 38.1 cm
  6. 21.0 cm
  7. 36.2 cm
  8. 50.8 cm
  9. 50.8 cm
  10. 30.5 cm

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